Every year dozens of new research studies are published establishing further that multiple lifestyles have an impact on brain health. Some are detrimental, such as smoking, or eating the wrong foods. Many lifestyles already known to be healthy for the body are now being established as also healthy for the brain. Body and Soul are after all connected! https://fusion-pharmacy.co.uk/cialis-for-sale/

11 Brain Healthy Lifestyles
The Brain Health and Wellness Center® to date has identified 11 different healthy lifestyles established by some or many scientific studies to be related to improved brain health. http://www.sterlingmedcorp.com/clomid-over-the-counter/

Click on the lifestyle of interest to learn more: http://behaviortherapyassociates.com/lexapro-generic/

1. Nutrition and Hydration: Memory Preservation Nutrition®
2. Physical Exercise
3. Mental & Cognitive Stimulation including Cognitive Education/The Serper Method™, Memory Techniques & Medication Management
4. Management of Stress and Depression
5. Social Engagement & Support
6. Sleep – needed for brain health
7. Balanced Chi (Energy)
8. Music (listening to and playing music) and Other Creative Arts & crafts, story-telling.
9. Spiritual Practices – Pray, Meditate, Forgive, Let Go, Be Kind & Loving, Practice Gratitude, Be Positive
10. Humor, Fun, Laughter & Joy
11. Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life

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