Memory Preservation Nutrition® from the Brain Health and Wellness Center®

The unique and exciting evidence-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN™) program was developed by HealthCare Insights, LLC president Dr. Nancy B. Emerson Lombardo, Ph. D. The MPN™ is based on over 700 scientific articles, and is continually updated and enhanced as more brain-relevant research is completed.   VIEW VIDEO ABOUT BRAIN FOODS

“All elements of Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo’s Memory Preservation Nutrition® program are heart healthy and brain healthy.  Her program is one of four components of lifestyle changes that are currently being researched quite heavily.  Initial results are very encouraging and indicate that the right kind of nutrition – rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients – can slow oxidation and other destructive processes that can cause various diseases, including Alzheimer’s.  Assisted living facilities that want to be state of the art must look at nutrition.  Nancy is the outstanding authority and advocate for Healthy Living – not just assisted living.”

Paul Raia, Ph.D., Vice President, Patient Care and Family Support at the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Chapter.

The Memory Support Preservation Program is now being implemented in assisted living communities in the greater Boston area. Read more here:  Senior Living Residences communities

What is the Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN™) Program and who developed it? 

MPN™ is an evidence-based whole foods nutritional program incorporating the findings of over 700 brain health related research studies together with state of the art nutritional and food service practices. The Memory Preservation Nutrition ® (MPN™) program emphasizes synergistic contributions to brain health of increasing foods rich in Omega-3s, B, D & E  vitamins, as well as foods with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, foods which attenuate insulin resistance, and/or which reduce amounts or oxidation of LDL cholesterol.   It was developed by Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo in concert with several medical specialists.  Dr. Lombardo has over 30 years of experience working on the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s.  She holds a Ph.D. from Yale University, is a co-founder of the national Alzheimer’s Association and played a prominent part in the founding of Alzheimer’s Disease International.  She is also an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine

Which “brain foods” are most important for Memory Preservation Nutrition?   VIEW VIDEO CLIP OF Dr. Emerson Lombardo talking about brain foods

The primary foods that are recommended by the evidence-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® program include fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, specific spices, whole grains, and foods containing omega-three fatty acids. The Memory Preservation Nutrition® program also focuses on reducing cholesterol and substituting healthy fats (omega 3 and mono-unsaturated fats) for saturated and Trans-fat foods.

Another major feature of the program is reducing the amount of refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the overall diet.

All of the healthy foods featured by the MPN™ in the right combinations provide the body with important disease-fighting antioxidants, nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, and also help to regulate blood sugar. These changes are all important for brain health.

Dr. Emerson Lombardo says that diet changes made through the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program can benefit people of any age whether or not they have memory loss.

She states, “Individuals researching Alzheimer’s disease believe changes and damage in the brain begin well before there are any symptoms of the disease. Following the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program, even if you are not noticing changes to your memory, can be an important step to take to protect your own brain health.

The Memory Preservation Nutrition® program becomes even more important for those already experiencing problems. The Memory Preservation Nutrition® works in part by promoting overall body health.

It is never too late to intervene.

SLR communities’ talented chefs have done an outstanding job of following Memory Preservation Nutrition® guidelines to create their own new delicious recipes and ” the residents love the food.”    (excerpt from press release summarized on

How does this program work to reduce risk, delay onset and help slow the progression of the disease?

 Research shows that oxidative stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance (related to excess blood sugar levels), together with cardiovascular risk factors, all increase risk of Alzheimer’s as well as the speed of decline. All of the healthy foods featured by the MPN™, in the right combinations, provide the body with important disease-fighting antioxidants, nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, and help to regulate blood sugar. The MPN™ also reduces animal foods, LDL (bad) cholesterol and saturated and trans fats.  These changes are all important for brain health.  Diet changes made through the program can benefit people of any age whether or not they have memory lossThe MPN™ program becomes even more important for those already experiencing problems.

Is this diet beneficial to helping minimize the effects of other diseases? 

The foods featured in MPN™ have been proven to assist in the management of diabetes and in slowing the progression of heart disease. For example, MPN™ is consistent with the Mediterranean Diet featured in a February 2013 gold standard Predimed Navarra randomized clinical trial resulting in 30% reduction in first time heart attacks and strokes in older adults at high risk of cardio-vascular disease, one third of whom had diabetes. MPN™ features a wider choice of foods drawing on a variety of delicious cuisines following six strategies which are also heart healthy and help prevent/treat diabetes. The program meets all the recommendations of American Heart Association (AHA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) for healthy diets.

The Memory Preservation Nutrition® works in part by promoting overall body health. Participants realize benefits from the program regardless of their current cognitive or physical state. They have more energy, positive moods and are more likely to engage in activities.  MPN™ becomes part of their treatment program.  People who follow MPN™ are healthier and less likely to gain weight.  In addition, their risk of slow cognitive and bodily decline is lower.

Dr. Emerson Lombardo is available to consult with and coach individuals and organizations wishing to improve their nutritional program to preserve and promote brain health.  Special rates are available for extended engagements.  She is also a dynamite speaker for presentations and workshops.

Contact her at or 1-978-621-1926.

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