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Team members and Affiliates:


Nancy B. Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D. (mother and first cousin died of Alzheimer’s)

President, Brain Health and Wellness Center

and HealthCare Insights, LLC

PO Box 2683

Acton, MA 01720

cell 978-621-1926

home office fax: 978-263-5085 and



Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Neurology
Boston University School of Medicine, Dept. of Neurology

bu email:,

Mary R. Lesko, CFP®, CLTC, Director of Business Development for BHWC and Principal, Long Life Matters   Boston, MA

(mother has Alzheimer’s, living in Assisted Living in Ohio)



Cheryl K. Franchi, MS, MBA, RDN, CSG, LD/N, FADA, FAND     see bio

Board Certified Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition

Consultant Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to BHWC

(father had Lewy Body Dementia)

Consultant RDN also to CCRCs and other senior living communities

Cell: 603-759-1231

Office/fax: 603-472-9237



CC Donelan, M.A.  (father has Alzheimer’s, living at home with services, in PA)

Brain wellness educational programs and training, presentations, and demonstrations.

Delivered onsite for organizations and at-home for individual and family coaching.

Principal,  Brain Health Partners                        see bio

Visit her new site:

Contact:  cell: 978-502-4642

Concord, MA  01742

Linked In:


Lynn Lazarus Serper, Ed.D.  Cognitive Educator

President, Brain Enhancement Services and Author

BRAINSTORMING: The Serper Method for Brain Recovery, Regrowth, and Vitality (Book) and Serper Method workbook series and CDs.

Dr. Serper provides cognitive and mental stimulation, learning, and social engagement, humor to people living with, or healing from, cognitive impairment, dementia, stroke, anoxia, brain damage/injury)

Cognitive Educator and Cognitive Rehabilitation.  On-site/in-home services plus educational presentations.  See her article on Maria Shriver website:           

President, Brain Enhancement Services, Inc.
70 Hope Ave., Suite #617
Waltham, MA 02453
(800) 240-3778


Mary R. Lesko, CFP®, CLTC,  Principal, Long Life Matters   Boston, MA

(mother has Alzheimer’s, living in Assisted Living in Ohio)


Linked In:


Julie Bolt, MS Gerontology, Certified Care Manager (CMC), CDP, AAT     see bio

CMC, Elder Source

Research Associate UNCC, Department of Gerontology

Principal, Long Life Matters

Healthcare Management/Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)/Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), Connector and Navigator


Email:     Linked In:





HCI consulting nutritionist Cheryl Franchi, RDN, helps make sure our content is accurate from a nutritionist point of view, and audiences find her matter of fact, humorous approach to teaching nutrition a joy. Ms. Franchi is much in demand as a presenter as well as consultant on nutrition programs for individuals and aging services organizations.

I also rely on Eric Reardon’s nutritional wisdom and creativity…and check out the links to his website.


Cheryl Franchi     see cv

Cheryl Franchi, MS, MBA, RDN, CSG, LD/N, FADA is an award-winning Registered Dietitian with over 30 years’ experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Cheryl achieved recognition early on as a Fellow of the American Dietetic Association, for professional achievement, expertise and excellence in practice.

Her career has included the practice of both medical nutrition therapy and food service management in hospital settings, nursing homes, assisted living and independent living communities. During that time, she has been recognized as the NH Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, Distinguished Consultant Dietitian, and Food Service Director of the Year.

Believing strongly that “you truly are what you ate”, and that the lifestyle choices we make today WILL affect the quality of our lives tomorrow, Cheryl presently serves as a Consultant Dietitian, providing nutrition and food service consultation and education to area long-term care communities, and focusing on evaluating and meeting the nutritional needs of the senior population.

She frequently speaks to seniors and healthcare practitioners in various settings to share her knowledge of nutrition strategies and interventions to help maximize quality of life.

In 2010, she joined the team at HealthCare Insights, and works closely with Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo in the development and delivery of the Memory Preservation Nutrition Program to contracted assisted living facilities in Massachusetts.

Cheryl is a member of The American Dietetic Association, and is past Chair of the NH Dietetics in Healthcare Communities Practice Group.

She holds a B.S. in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, an M.S. in Food and Nutrition from Framingham State University, and an MBA from Southern NH University. She is also certified in Serv-Safe food sanitation and safety.

In her spare time, Cheryl, a Master Gardener, loves to “putter in her garden”.  If not there, you may find her in the kitchen creating her latest recipe, at the gym working off the calories from the latest recipe, or spending time with her beloved husband and kitties

She can be reached at her home office at (603)472-9237, or online at Check out Cheryl’s Curriculum Vitae.


Former colleagues

Kristina Scangas, Nutritionist

In past years our wonderful nutrition intern, Kristina Scangas  helped me edit recipes for a Memory Preservation Nutrition® Cookbook that I published in 2012. She has also collected some wonderful recipes for vegetarian entrees, and nutritious and easy desserts that I have then adapted to be brain healthier.

Kristina is a graduate of Simmons College. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and additionally studied biochemistry and the pre-medical sciences. She is an advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellness. She especially enjoys cooking, baking, and running, and loves sharing her knowledge on these topics with others.

Kristina is now attending graduate school to become a physician’s assistant.   Her ultimate goal is to use her knowledge of nutrition to treat patients with dietary and lifestyle interventions early on to prevent illness before it starts.

For several years Kristina worked as part of Dr. Emerson Lombardo’s team to create recipes and menus so that eating for a healthy brain can be fun and delicious!  Then she moved on to work as Emergency technician to become prepared to apply for advanced degree in primary care.

Look for photos of Kristina having fun with presentations or chef’s cook offs!


In Memoriam:    Samantha Turner Died November 2014
Samantha Turner joined the HealthCare Insights, LLC team in 2008 as Nancy’s bookkeeper which gradually turned into her becoming Nancy’s personal assistant. She took care of the businesses books as well as helped create the newsletter, updated the website, kept contacts up to date, and helped Nancy with the billings.  Since Samantha’s death, all of these activities have suffered as no one could replace Samantha.  I lost a personal friend as well as a great collleague.  I was also privileged to be part of Samantha’s care team.  She died of cancer when still in her 20’s and prime of life.

This is what i wrote on this website when Sam was actively helping me in an essential way.

“A heartfelt thanks to the amazing Samantha Turner, my right hand person, who ensures the newsletters become reality. She is our Constant Contact and website guru who adds everyone’s email whose requested to be on our email list, drafts the overall look of the newsletter, the introduction and closing, the events lists on both the website and newsletter, gets all the articles into the electronic form and finds fun photographs to spice up the look. Samantha also does internet research as needed. You should look her up in her “day” job especially if you love horses and dogs the way Sam does.”

In 2008 Samantha graduated Cum Laude from Mount Ida College with a Bachelor Degree in Equine Management with a focus on Business. She started her passion for Accounting in high school where she took a mandatory class and fell in love with it. After that, she tried to take as many classes as she could in college to further her knowledge. She found that this was one of her passions that she would be able to make a job out of.

Samantha’s other passion was horseback riding and teaching. She has been riding since she was 9 and had been teaching riding lessons since 2007. She was working at Sweet Meadow Farm in Sherborn, MA until her illness brought an end to this. The styles of riding she enjoyed included both Western and English. She loved working with young kids as well as adults and sharing her passions for horses and riding. Before she was teaching, she volunteered at a horse rescue barn, Eye of the Storm, for 3 years, where she helped look after neglected and abandoned horses.

When Samantha was not working she was spending time with her two little dogs. She had a 7 year old Shih Tzu/Poodle named Scrappy and a 4 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier named Baylee. She loves all animals and you would never find her house without some sort of animal living there, and most likely multiple loving animals.

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