Practice random acts of kindness brings meaning and joy to your own life.

Even perhaps more challenging is practicing love and kindness towards people you see every day, such as your friends, families, roommates and colleagues. Being kind and loving benefits your brain by improving relationships which reduces stress and depression.

Being kind and loving is well modeled in our pets, especially dogs, who demonstrate unconditional love and kindness.  Even some cats as well as some dogs show great concern when a person in the household is sick or upset. Hector, my cat, slept on my bed everyday during a recent illness, giving up being with his favorite human in the household to do so.

A pet is a great companion for a person who is living on their own. Not only will they keep you company, they can be great comedians as well. A pet will also encourage you to keep active with their consistent desire to play or be trouble makers. But they also know when to just be with you and keep you company in your time of need.  They will make selfless sacrifices to be there for you.  Animals are great role models for how to be kind and loving in our daily lives.

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