Interested on how to start leading a brain healthy lifestyle? There are several ways to start today.

  1. Continue to look through our website we will show you many tips and guidelines to follow. This will help you start off.
    Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of specific tips
  2. Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. Each month, we write about different subjects that will help you continue or start to live a brain healthy lifestyle. To sign up please e-mail
  3. Attend one of Dr. Emerson Lombardo’s frequent presentations on brain healthy nutrition or other brain healthy lifestyles.
  4. Also to talk to Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo directly, feel free to e-mail her at the above address to set up a consultation. You can also call her at (978) 621 1926. She is always interested in helping share her knowledge about this subject and will help you grow a passion for living a brain healthy lifestyle.

Whether you use methods 1, 2, 3 or 4 to learn more about brain healthy lifestyles:

Hearing or learning about hopeful evidence helps motivate us to make changes:

  1. Physical exercise helps grow new brain cells,
  2. We can still learn, lifelong, even if we have some thinking problems.
  3. Improve selected cognitive skills through practice
  4. Overcome short term memory deficits by relaying on retained cognitive abilities.
  5. That brain healthy anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant foods and supplements, including fish oils, physical exercise and other activities (e.g. Tai Chi or acupuncture) might also help ameliorate other health concerns.

Will We Change Our Habits?

  • We have known about the benefits of exercise and eating healthy for
    • Heart disease, stroke, diabetes
    • And more recently, for depression & bone density
  • NOW we know it’s good for our brain!!
  • The question is…will that get us to actually CHANGE OUR HABITS,
    to exercise more and watch what we eat? Engage in life-long learning, Learn to de- stress, be socially and spiritually engaged and find meaning and purpose in life!

Where Do We Start?

  • We are social beings.
  • Join a group or Connect with friends
    • to walk with you, or “think healthy eating”, to dance, play golf or exercise with you, and/or to play cognitive games with you.
  • Use motivational tools: pedometers, music, books on tape etc. to motivate more walking!
  • Get your clubs, support groups, adult day health, churches, mosques, temples or synagogue, or other social groups involved.
  • Take classes, hire a coach or personal trainer.

Ways to Get Started

Change nutrition one or two steps at a time. Pick a new step every week or so. Some of the easiest:

  • Drink vegetable juice daily.
  • More spices in and on everything.
  • Put cinnamon, non-salt spice mixtures and curry on the table instead of salt & pepper.
  • Snacks: Replace carbs (donuts, cakes, cookies, potatoes, chips) & sugar with spices, fruits, vegetables or nuts and whole grain crackers;
  • Replace some coffee & all soda with tea or water;
  • Replace corn oil, butter & margarine with olive or canola oil.
  • Increase fish to 3 times/week. Every day even better!
  • Eat less meat, more veggies
  • Switch to whole grains: whole grain breads, pizza dough, crackers, brown rice.
  • Add vegetables, nuts or seeds to less healthy foods such as potatoes or white rice.
  • Add Cod Liver Oil to salad dressing & other dishes.
  • Drink more water!

More Ways to Get Started

Strategize new ways to use your brain, and help others use theirs, in new ways every day…new pathways to brain health!

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