There is many ways that leading a brain healthy lifestyle can impact the community. Many people who lead a brain healthy lifestyle will in turn try to help others do the same, communicating a sense of caring for each other’s health and well-being. This can help create a close community of people who lean on each other on times of need and create a feeling of closeness.

When leading this lifestyle you will be searching for fresh ingredients which can help farmers’ markets as well as family-run natural foods markets, farm stands and stores stay in business. This can in turn help the sustainable food movement and community stay economically a float.

Another way a brain healthy lifestyle can help improve our community is with our children. If children start eating “brain foods” and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle from an early age it will become ingrained in them for life. They in turn will hopefully inspire their children and grandchildren to do the same, and help many generations to come.

Promoting brain and body healthy lifestyles is essential in fact for overall improvement in public health, to combat the rise in obesity and related chronic diseases, as well as help reduce health care costs and the need for unaffordable drugs and surgery, hospital stays and doctors visits.

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