The Brain Health and Wellness Center® offers a variety of Brain Wellness Services™ including consultations and coaching for both individuals and organizations on “Healthy Living for a Healthy Brain” featuring the unique Memory Preservation Nutrition® program*.  For Organizations we offer a brain foods makeover, including menu reviews, pantry audits, and concrete recommendations for how to make step by step changes towards delicious brain healthy foods for clients and residents.  For individuals we have recipe and menu books, together with personal coaching.  The books are for sale on this website.

We offer expert presentations and educational programs about evidence-based programs. Nutrition is one of 11 domains of brain healthy lifestyles for which there is supportive scientific evidence.

Brain Health & Wellness Center BBB Business Review

Summary of Services offered.

Corporate Services: Healthy Living/Healthy Eating
• Corporations and Employers
• Health Care and Wellness Providers, including Nutrition for Group Living and Group Meals

• Healthy Lifestyle Education and Awareness

Civic and Community Organizations
• Adults of all ages “Coaching and Education“
• Schools & Youth programs, including Brain Healthy school lunch and college food services programs

Individuals and Families
• One-time Consultation
• Four Session Packages
• Group Sessions

Brain foods for individuals and families

Talks and Educational Seminars

Order Products and Services

1. Nutrition and Hydration: Memory Preservation Nutrition®
2. Physical Exercise
3. Mental & Cognitive Stimulation including Cognitive Education/The Serper Method™, Memory Techniques & Medication Management
4. Management of Stress and Depression
5. Social Engagement & Support
6. Sleep – needed for memory to be stored
7. Balanced Chi (Energy)
8. Music (listening to and playing music) and Other Creative Arts & crafts, story-telling.
9. Spiritual Practices – Pray, Meditate, Forgive, Let Go, Be Kind & Loving, Practice Gratitude, Be Positive
10. Humor, Fun, Laughter & Joy
11. Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life

*The Brain Health and Wellness Center® and the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program are registered trademarks of a woman-owned small business called HealthCare Insights, LLC

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