Brain Health & Wellness Center BBB Business Review

Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo and her team of nutritionists at the by BRAIN HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER® are ready to help you and your family or organization plan and make the changes necessary to enjoy delicious brain healthy foods every day, every week. We also assess our clients on the 11 areas of lifestyle (including nutrition) established by research to be related to brain health and recommend realistic changes.

We have the experience to assess your current situation at baseline, help you set realistic goals, and show you how to reach these goals step by step.

We have helped dozens of families incorporate brain healthy foods into their daily nutrition with delicious food ideas and recipes.

While most of our work emphasizes whole food nutrition, following our evidence-based MEMORY PRESERVATION NUTRITION® program*, we have successfully helped clients choose nutritional supplements to supplement their basic diets. This includes supplements designed to 1) reduce inflammation in brain and body, including joint pain and “morning stiffness.” 2) help support healthy digestion and relieve stomach issues, 3) support memory, attention, and decision-making, 4) enhance bone strength, 5) help relieve or reduce frequency of headaches, 6) support emotional health. Our favorite supplements rely on whole food-based juices or extracts (spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, whole grains), fish or other non-fish marine oils rich in DHA and EPA omega-3’s, and key vitamins such as B, D and E.

Most major changes in the lifestyle arena, whether for a single family or for multiple related organizations, take time and rehearsals to become permanent new habits and practices. Thus we stand ready to be available to support your efforts over time, even if your initial interest is in just a single consultation.

*Brain Health and Wellness Center® and Memory Preservation Nutrition® are registered trademarks of a woman-owned small business called HealthCare Insights, LLC, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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