Spiritual practices- our spirits can continue to grow.

Brain Healthy Spiritual Practices

  • Practice loving kindness
  • Practice gratitude and positive thinking
  • Join (positive-minded) spiritual or religious groups to be part of community.
  • Prayer and meditation to help us slow down, relax

Brain Healthy Spiritual Practices: Forgiveness



Forgiving ourselves and others essential to peaceful life, brain health and moving forward.

–        Let go of past resentments, hurts & anger

–        Helps us improve relationships & connections.

–        Elevates mood and relieves anxiety

–        Anger in the moment can be healthy emotion – reaction to injustice

–        BUT, chronic anger inflames the body and brain, increases stress, heart disease

–                  We need to learn how to forgive and let go of chronic anger that does not serve us.

Results of Forgiveness (confirmed by scientific research!)

  •  Inner peace
  • Sense of wholeness
  • Spiritual, emotional and physical healing
  • Awareness of internal emotional release
  • Enhanced self-esteem, self-respect and hope
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • A sense of inner power and well-being
  • Greater happiness and contentment
  • A sense of connectedness with others, the universe
  • Accepting Imperfections – Theirs and Ours
  • Important people in our lives, our parents, our children, were not able to, give us everything we needed or wanted
  • They are each as imperfect as we are….and God Loves Us Just the Way We Are!
  • We can always work towards improving ourselves and our relationships, loving ourselves and each other more!
  • TAKE-HOME MESSAGES: Our Relationships Can Be Improved

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