Music, the Arts and Creativity help Maintain Brain and General Health


•National Endowment of the Arts study – Gene Cohen MD

•Creative arts produced HUGE positive Physical health effects.  (Chorus, Theatre, Visual Arts)

–Social engagement aspects

multiplied health effects


•Learning to play a musical instrument enhances cognitive health broadly in older adults – Patrick Massey, MD, Wisconsin

•Dance movement, art and music therapies elevate mood, improve quality of life (DMT: Emerson Lombardo’94)


Creative Expression Improves Health even for people with AD-

•Dancing, t’ai chi, chi gong, other mind/body exercise.

•Artistic expression in multiple media.

•Art critiques & discussions (trips to museums) e.g MOMA in NYC

–(John Zeisel! and others),

•Art-Reach in Philadelphia,

•Boston MFA and now elsewhere in USA.




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