To celebrate Thanksgiving this year Maria Shriver initiated a wonderful new website dedicated to advancing the cause of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

In addition, go to and sign up to receive Maria’s thoughtful, mind expanding weekly “Sunday Paper.”   One of our holiday recipes was featured on Dec.4, 2016.

Most of people with Alzheimer’s disease as well as their caregivers are women.   In early November, 2016 Maria spoke at a first of its kind conference in San Diego.  These words are quoted from her website.   To see the entire article go to

“I try to position this as the ultimate women’s empowerment movement,” Shriver said. “If we’ve worked all this way to be recognized for our brains, and we’re losing them at this rate, then we should turn our brains onto this.”

Shriver, whose father passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2011, has used her journalism as a tool to collect groundbreaking data on the disease. In 2010, The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s was the first to report that women receive two-thirds of all diagnoses. She established The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, an alliance of individuals, organizations, researchers, foundations, influencers and industry leaders, to answer the question of why the disease discriminates against women.

Maria is raising funds for research to discover why women are at greater risk of getting Alzheimer’s even when we control for age (we live longer!) and other factors. Her website calls this situation
“one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Alzheimer’s: Why 2 out of 3 brains that develop this mind-blowing disease belong to women. ”

Move for Minds is a primary event for this purpose.  The second annual event will be held on June 4, 2017 at selected Equinox Sports Centers. “Participants pledge to raise a minimum of $250 through their networks. 100% of this money goes to fund gender-based scientific studies.”  To learn more go to Move for Minds on the women’s Alzheimer’s movement website.  There you can sign up to keep informed about this event.

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