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BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS  For the Holidays – amazingly delicious recipes

By Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D

Brain Health and Wellness Center®

Design by Lizia Santos


This 50 page booklet authored by Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo and the Brain Health and Wellness Center® with the help of her food-loving colleagues, is chock full of delicious recipes and menu ideas perfect for planning holiday meals for your friends and families.  Included are amazing appetizers and delicious decadent desserts for parties as well.  Among the cookies featured are “Simply Divine” dark chocolate ones that melt in your mouth and an amazing scrumptious peanut butter cookie that is gluten free.  These will help you be the stars of cookie exchanges.  We’ve made sure there are delicious gluten free options in every category.

At Holiday time we are sharing food with the people we care about the most – family and friends, as well as work colleagues and clients.  It is of course vital that all foods served are attractive and delicious, as we are treating our favorite people.  Increasingly though, people are aware that what we eat, even at holiday time, affects how we feel, our mood and our brain power, even our pain levels, and will welcome being introduced to delicious foods that help, rather than hurt us.  The extra bonus: less guilt and less extra weight in the New Year!

The recipes contained in this special issue are from the evidence-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® program, and selected because they are not only delicious but easy to prepare.

MPN™ principles reflected in these recipes include:

·      The taste-enhancing, potent anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant powers of herbs and spices

·      The importance of eating more plant foods and fewer animal foods

·      Avoiding packaged and processed foods, trans-fats and artificial sweeteners

·      Reducing intake of added sugar and refined carbohydrates

·      Celebrating the delicious, healthful qualities of a full range of vegetables, fruits (especially berries), whole foods, including fish and seafood, nuts and seeds, beans and lentil, and whole grains.

Description:   Heavy Duty Card Stock covers with 28 pound quality interior paper.  Full color every page.

Both Sizes are spiral bound so they will lay flat on the kitchen counter when you are using them.

This recipe booklet comes in two sizes:

HALF SIZE:  5½ by 8 inches, has smaller 9 point font size, handy for purse or shelf.

FULL SIZE:  8½ by 11 inches, which is easy to read for all of us over 50.

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