Brain Food: Bringing an Evidence-based Nutrition Program to Assisted Living and Adult Day Health
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
12:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
One Market Place, San Diego, CA‎
(619) 232-1234
San Diego, California, USA

2014 Aging in America Conference in San Diego, March 11-15. We’ll be celebrating ASA’s 60th anniversary, honoring our rich history and the members who have contributed so much. We will also continue to explore new models of care and welcome the broad array of professionals who care for an aging society.

The field of aging is evolving. The dramatic increase in the elderly population over the next decade will be staggering. You are likely to be confronted with the challenges of an aging society in your work and in your family. Whether you are a traditional aging service provider or a healthcare professional, researcher, policy analyst, occupational therapist, social worker, financial planner, elder law attorney, or anyone works with older adults in any capacity, you can learn a great deal from the uniquely multidisciplinary content of this conference, discover best practices for serving an aging population, and gain new insights and build your professional network at one of the largest aging services conferences in the U.S.

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12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Presenters: Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D., President of Brain Health and Wellness Center® and Tracey Brown, Executive Director of Amazing Place, Houston (day program for people with dementia). Amazing Place is implementing the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program described below.

Using available relevant evidence, the Brain Health and Wellness Center® designed whole foods Memory Preservation Nutrition® program (MPN™) featuring synergistic contributions of more plant foods, especially spices and vegetables, Omega-3's, foods with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, attenuating insulin resistance, and reducing LDL cholesterol& toxic foods e.g. excess sugar. The Brain Health and Wellness Center® implemented the MPN™ for over 6 years in several U.S. Assisted Living communities, and recently, working with Amazing Place in Houston to bring the MPN for the first time to an Adult Day Health program persons with AD, MCI, stroke, and other brain injuries.

Outcomes: This multi-faceted clinical intervention which includes training and educational sessions with all facility staff, with participants or residents, families and referral sources. Periodic assessments and continuous improvements are made with respect to menus, recipes, pantry contents, dining experience and customer service. We have demonstrated continual improvements toward brain healthy delicious foods that people enjoy eating.

The practical success of the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program is well established; brain health and preserving memory is a powerful motivator to try new foods and eat healthier for seniors in assisted living and adult day health, including those with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

This model nutritional program has been proven to be feasible and accepted for older adults, and as a bonus, also serves as an effective employee wellness program.

Staff and referring providers appear eager to learn about better nutrition for themselves. Brain Healthy food tasting events appear to be among most effective teaching models for both residents and staff.

In addition, the marketing success of this brain and body healthy nutrition program is outstanding. Have achieved increased public visibility and positive reputation of innovative senior living care, by using nutrition as part of the treatment plan.

Learning Objectives:

1. Distinguish brain healthy from brain destructive foods

2. Apply successful dietary implementation methods for organizations serving older adults meals on a daily basis; learn how this can be an employee wellness program as well as wellness program for clients

3. Appraise facilitators and barriers to dietary changes in older human adults.

4. Overcome barriers e.g. the illusion that older adults don't care about eating healthy, especially after they realize what they eat affects how they feel (pain and emotions) TODAY and TOMORROW, let alone their cognitive abilities and overall health. they feel TODAY and TOMORROW!

5. Learn how to successfully market your program utilizing authentic brain/body healthy nutrition program you are implementing to benefit your clients

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