A sad update is that one of our most outstanding, passionate, and dedicated heroine’s in the Alzheimer’s world, and my close friend, Miriam Aronson, Ed.D., died on July 25th of complications  of routine shoulder surgery 4 months earlier (initiated by a major infection contracted in the hospital)
Miriam loved and prized her 3 sons, daughters in law and 7 grandchildren plus extended family; she was surrounded by loving family when she died. As her friend over the years I was privileged to meet all of her immediate family and personally witnessed her love and dedication to each them.  Some of us believe Miriam chose heaven now to advocate more effectively for her beloved granddaughter Scarlet age 3 who, with Grandmother Mimi’s help, will win her battle with a challenging cancer—diagnosed about the time Miriam fell ill. 
Dr. Aronson was a founder of the national Alzheimer’s Association, served as our initial Chair of Education Committee and newsletter editor while leading groundbreaking gerontological research at Albert Einstein

Dr. Miriam Aronson with support group leader/member

Medical Center. 

Miriam also served in leadership roles in many organizations including the American Society of Agings’ Mental Health and Aging Network.
Whoever she encountered, Miriam would share her immense compassion, knowledge and one of the biggest heart’s ever! She often worked into the wee hours of the morning to accomplish a task or fulfill a promise. Her energy, resiliency, and perseverance is legendary.

Miriam and I had so many wonderful trips together to participate in ADI and Alzheimer’s research conferences abroad (where we always added a week to explore), ASA meetings all over the country, and impromptu vacations, or just visiting in Boston or New Jersey where Miriam lived. 


Miriam had a fabulous eye for original art and everywhere we visited, there would be memorable trips to art galleries and art museums.  My house (as was Miriam’s) is full of paintings and prints purchased together with Miriam as the inspiration.  They bring back specially vivid memories from Scotland, Amsterdam, France, London, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, and Gloucester, Massachusetts to name a few!

Here was the prize purchase from our last trip together to attend Alzheimer’s Disease International in London (March 2012).

Miriam with her prize painting in London, and proud (prize winning) artist

 Miriam knew just where this amazing artwork was to go: in her dining room in a place of honor where it looked perfect with her furnishings.   (Scroll down to see photos of Miriam at ADI London March 2013)

Most recently, Dr. Aronson, in her role as geriatric care manager par excellence, had devoted herself to helping individuals with dementia and their families deal with the most challenging situations and multiple diagnoses.  Her colleagues are continuing the practice; visit the website for AronsonCare.

Here is the link to Dr. Aronson’s obituary in the New York Times.

A few highlights:

Dr. Aronson was a nationally renowned social gerontologist, and a founder of the National Alzheimer’s Association . Dr. Aronson’s career was dedicated to guiding elderly individuals, their families and eldercare facilities through the caregiving process. She led a landmark ten-year study on aging and dementia, and was a Clinical Associate Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and a distinguished member of numerous other organizations. She was honored with numerous awards including the Genesis Award from the National Alzheimer’s Association, New Jersey Caregiver of the Year and the Women in Science & Health Care.

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