For the first time our Brain Health and Wellness Center had a  booth on Wednesday July 17th as part of the Dementia Care@AAIC parallel conference.   The 300 people who visited our booth got to taste  the delicious truffles proffered there. The recipe is on our website:

At the Brain Health and Wellness Center® we are positioned to help you and your clients and patients enhance the level of brain and body health in the form of Memory Preservation Nutrition® program and the Serper Method™, which are among the many beneficial services provided.  Others include:

  • Public Speaking and Seminars
  • Consulting and Coaching
  • Corporate Services- Presentations and Employee Wellness Programs
  • Research Analysis
Contact us. We can discuss your interests and determine how we can help meet your objectives.  Here is a link to our brochure. And another to Dr. Emerson Lombardo’s  bio-card insert.
Dr. Lynn Lazarus Serper can be reached through her website the Serper Method; you can also order educational materials there.  You may also order Dr. Serper’s inspiring book “Brainstorming : The Serper Method of Brain Recovery, Regrowth, and Vitality” on where it has earned a 5 star rating!Here is a photo of all of us in front of our banner at our booth at the Dementia Care@AAIC conference on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.


Dream Team
CC Donelan, Julie Bolt, Michele Rizzo, Mary Lesko, Dr. Lynn Lazarus Serper, Valerie Gramolini, and Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo

 Michelle, Mary and CC with the Truffles
 Michele, Mary and CC offering our brain healthy truffles.
 Note Dr. Serper’s The Serper Method Workbook.  You can order on her website.

Julie Bolt and Dr. Nancy at AAIC

 Drs. Lynn Lazarus Serper and Nancy Emerson Lombardo with DisplayLynn Serper, Ed.D. & Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D.
 Nikos Scarmeas MD with his colleagues and Dr. Nancy.  Dr. Scarmeas’ research on AD and the Mediterranean Diet is one set of evidence for our Memory Preservation Nutrition program.

Julie Bolt, Director of Business and Program Development for Brain Health and Wellness Center

Michele Rizzo, Mary Lesko and CC Donelan Displaying MPN Cookbooks, Powerpoints, and Brain Healthy Truffles.

Jerry Stone, Founding President of Alzheimer’s Association in 1979. Now 100 and still vital and inspiring

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