Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo is attending the first annual summit of Menus of Change, a visionary event bringing together leaders in nutrition science, culinary skills, foundations interested in promoting healthier foods, and food related businesses, all for the common purpose of promoting delicious foods that are healthy and sustainable.  This invitation-only summit runs June 10-12, in Cambridge MA.  In conjunction with this meeting, Harvard Department of Public Health (Walt Willett) and the Culinary Arts Institute have just issued their annual report on their 10-year collaboration called Menus of Change.   Click here to see it.

Menus of Change Report Cover Photo


Menus of Change logo

Dr. Emerson Lombardo is attending the Conference with respect to several roles: as President of Brain Health and Wellness Center, a founder of Alzheimer’ Disease International and U.S. Alzheimer’s Association,   Adj Res. Assistant Prof of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and active member of the Medical Scientific Advisory Committee of the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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