Touching Care to support Alzheimer’s community

New Mobile App Links Alzheimer Community Worldwide!

Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo recommends you download this app for your mobile phone if you wish to join this caring Alzheimer’s community.  Dr. Nancy was very impressed with Rawad Sheikh plans for this innovative technological support system when they met during the U.S. Gerontological conference held in Boston in November 2011. Rawad had sought out Dr. Nancy because of her leadership in brain healthy lifestyles. Rawad told Dr. Nancy, she was developing this application “as part of my university research project (in Saudia Arabia) about caregiving and using technology to reduce the burden on caregivers as I was a caregiver and I really want to do something that may help those people to reduce their suffering.”  Since that meeting Rawad has won prizes and awards for her innovative work on behalf of people with Alzheimer’s and their families, worldwide.  To learn more visit this website to listen to a live radio interview with Rawad.  Open the link below and press play and start listening to her interview starting from the minute 1:20

The illness of a close relative (her grandmother) inspired Rawad Sheikh to develop her mobile application “Touching Care” that aims to support the entire ecosystem consisting of Alzheimer’s patients, caregivers and physicians. Rawad thought that she could help by creating a social network where elderly and Alzheimer’s patients can keep in contact and where caregivers can communicate with colleagues, friends, and other groups and entities of similar concerns in order to share stories and advices experiences about the disease and how to provide care for their loved ones.

Rawad adds that the application provides comprehensive information, tools and resources to help those who seek to provide long-term care. It has a set of “Reminiscence” features and functions, multimedia and easy-to-use cognitive stimulation games that helps Alzheimer’s patients to stimulate their memory. These functions also include a photo album where caregivers carry pictures of their loved ones in chronological order. According to experts on Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most beneficial activities for patients is to see photographs and other multimedia such as music, art, video, and film to activate their memory.

Other functions include the implementation of a medical/care system where care providers can regulate daily activities and keep track of dates and times of taking medications, nutrition intake as well as blood test. It also includes a daily schedule in the form of a checklist. Furthermore, the application provides an opportunity for volunteers to help and become champions and advocates in the struggle against Alzheimer’s disease. “Touching Care” is available in four languages English, Arabic, French and Spanish and is currently launched on|Apple store.

“Touching Care” is currently launched on Apple Store, kindly find the application through the following link:

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