As Dr. Oz fans learned this week, our local genetics hero Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D. Rudi Tanzi, Ph.D. has co-authored an interesting book with another long time hero of mine, Deepak Chopra, MD, Deepak and Rudy called “Super Brain.”  You can learn more about it on Dr. Oz‘s website and order it from

Our take? I agree that Deepak Chopra’s suggestions are helpful and encouraging (e.g. that our brains are amazingly plastic, that they can grow and change, we have different types of memory to help us work around deficits, and that meditation,  positive thinking, and good nutrition are all important for brain health).  But I think today’s interview with Deepak and the summary on Dr. Oz’s website oversimplifies the complexity of Alzheimer’s and implies it is easier to preserve our brains than it really is.  While I am happy to learn that Deepak Chopra recommends wheat germ, black currants and acorn squash as well as the herb sage

Sage leaf

Indian Gooseberry and Indian gooseberries (extracted or preserved as amalaki, hundreds of years-old Aruvedic herb), there are definitely more than a handful of super brain foods that we need to eat to preserve our brains.  James Joseph and others have shown that all berries are super brain foods, and other researchers around the world are building evidence that many herbs and spices are potent brain foods. Read the details at Memory Preservation Nutrition®  and the related blogs and our November 20, 2012 e-newsletter.

But meanwhile, why not use extra sage in the turkey stuffing! (and add lots of herbs and spices to every dish.)  And while most of us can’t easily run out and easily buy Indian gooseberries or even black currents, you can serve mixed berries as a brain healthy appetizer or dessert, and include acorn or other winter squashes as a delicious side dish.

Acorn Squash

And then after Thanksgiving, we can buy and read this interesting book written by two of the brightest, most spiritual men I know.   In over 300 pages there must be much to ponder!   The emphasis is on learning how to use our brain to release more of our human and spiritual potential, attaining true wellness of mind and body.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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