Hot Peppers Are Brain Food!*

by Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D.

The Memory Preservation Nutrition® program emphasizes the importance of reducing inflammation, increasing anti-oxidants, eating more bright colored fruits and vegetables, as well as eating foods which help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.  Research suggests that hot peppers of all kinds have all of these health promoting actions.

Check out Dr. Nancy’s Hot Peppers Video

  • Hot Peppers are Anti-Inflammatory

       – The hotter they taste, the more hot peppers reduce the “flames” inside you!! (Also, greater “heat” reduces pain more effectively)

  • Hot Peppers have high anti-oxidant potency

       – All, even mild & sweet, red peppers are great anti-oxidants

  • Hot Peppers Help Lower LDL (‘bad”) Cholesterol
  • Hot Peppers Help Lower Blood Sugar & Insulin Use

*Inspired by my hot pepper lovin’ twin brother Michael G. Emerson

& our (late) Dad George F. Emerson who introduced us to hot peppers!


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