Coconut Oil and AD

As some readers may know, coconut oil, and the medium chain length triglycerides are being investigated as a treatment for people with Alzheimer’s disease, with some reportedly positive results. Consuming coconut oil is one way for bringing patients into “ketosis” to give the brain a source of energy alternative to glucose since some (not all) brain cells affected by Alzheimer’s have lost their ability to use glucose. Anecdotally, and in pilot and a single phase II study, coconut oil in various forms has reportedly had at least short term interesting results for a few people. But the companies profiting from this idea chose NOT to carry out Phase III trials which are the gold standard for establishing efficacy for people. And we really don’t know the long term effects of taking large amounts of coconut. Keep in mind that most of the drugs tested for AD during the past 10-20 years that may have looked promising in Phase II (preliminary, small) clinical trials, failed in larger clinical trials with a larger number and greater variety of research participants.

Bottom line: The story is still out on the coconut oil research so please don’t go overboard with eating coconut products or putting all your eggs in this basket. Continue to eat a brain healthy nutritional program with a variety of healthy foods such as recommended by my evidence-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® program.

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