We work with provider organizations… senior centers, nutrition programs, senior residences, home health agencies, assisted living, nursing homes, and hospitals. We see great opportunities for improvement in the nutritional aspects of all health care services for elders… and for youth and adults of all ages including meals on wheels, community meals, healthy “snacks” and school lunch programs. For Seniors (Senior Residences, Assisted Living, Nursing Facilities and Senior Meals Programs): Nutrition Consulting Service: To help you improve this part of your program. We’ll bring your organization the latest research and programmatic results related to both the process and content of meal programs to improve the amount, healthfulness and quality of food consumed by your clients. We will work with you to implement our evidenced-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® program, to improve brain and body health of both your staff and clients.

We can also help advise you on other healthy lifestyle initiatives related to brain health.  Staff and Client Education and Awareness We’ve given workshops and talks with Councils on Aging, Senior and Assisted Living residences, and nursing facilities to promote awareness and education.

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