This unique high quality fish oil is made from sustainable source of highest quality Alaskan wild caught salmon; New Chapter uses what the fish industry would otherwise toss from filleting the toxin free wild-caught salmon.

What is so special about New Chapter’s fish oil is that 1) it is minimally processed, so just like Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains fabulous anti-oxidants that enhance ability to protect our brains and bodies, Advanced Omega 1000 contains Astaxanthin that is responsible for the red color in salmon.  Also retained is 100 IU of vitamin D per 2 capsules.  Another big plus is containing the whole variety of healthful Omega 3's* that often are refined out of more processed fish oils, plus other Omega’s beneficial to health, just as nature intends.  Thus they can truly say, having two of these 1000 mg capsules daily for a week is almost equivalent to having 3 servings of salmon/week. This is perfect for those who don’t like eating salmon. The amount of DHA per two capsules is 220 mg, EPA is 180 mg and other omega 3's is 120 mg, for a total or 520 mg of Omega 3's.

Take two/day minimum.        For better brain health, take 4-6/day

$26.00 for a month’s supply of 60    1000 mg capsules, at regular dose of 2/day.             (Retail is $31.95)

Price: $26.00

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