2 month supply of best quality, brain healthiest vitamin E. The only vitamin E recommended by Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo

Each brain neuron needs vitamin E molecules to help protect delicate omega-3's and other brain membrane lipids from oxidizing!

Contents of each softgel

400 IU vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) plus

d-Gamma tocopherol  100 mg  (especially essential for brain health!)

d-Beta and d-Delta tocopherols 40 mg

alpha (5-8 mg), beta & delta (2-4 mg), gamma (12-14 mg) tocotrienols: total: 20 mg

List price: $42.20   Your discounted price: $34.00    Email us if you are interested in still lower per capsule price by ordering larger size bottle.

Take one small soft gel daily or every other day

Price: $34.00

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