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BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS: Menus and Recipes has the essentials of a cookbook plus much more.

  • A menu overview for meals and snacks for 7 days
  • The delicious recipes range from breakfast foods through scrumptious dinners
  • A bonus feature of our brain healthy desserts (8 pages!).
  • Nutrition information for each day, meal and snack.
    • Helps people maintain both brain and body health.
    • Helps you achieve any weight loss or weight gain goals.  (People with AD often lose weight that they don't want to lose).
    • Shopping Lists for each day
      • perishable
      • non-perishable (part of brain foods pantry list, see below!)


  • MPN™ Brain Foods Pantry List of brain healthy non-perishables,
  • Cooking and Shopping Tips,
  • Substitution food list for those who want to start improving their own recipes,
  • Frequently Asked Questions section,
  • MPN™ Guide to Sugars and Non-Sugar Natural Sweeteners section.

This last section is as important as the menus and recipes, as people need to know how toxic sugar is to the brain and what we can do about it.

All of the MPN™ recipes and snacks meet ADA and AHA guidelines.  Thus in addition to people concerned with brain health, this book is wonderful and delicious for those folks who have diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

All of these recipes are also suitable for children. Brain Foods are especially important for pregnant and nursing mothers, and young children.

BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS: Menus and Recipes is a beginning guide to the sought after Memory Preservation Nutrition® program (MPN™), the brain foods program which is based on the latest science. This book will teach you about many scrumptious and tasty foods that help your brain as well as something about which foods hurt your brain.

What types of recipes are included?

The book's 35 Recipes include  8 Breakfast recipes, 7 recipes each for lunch and dinner, 2 snack, 3 salads, sauces and dressings, and 8 brain healthy dessert recipes.  Plus 12 other snack suggestions that need no recipes.

Since most people have favorite recipes for cooking fish, chicken and meat, we focused on easy to prepare substantial vegetable and vegetarian recipes.  Also since more and more people are looking for dairy free, gluten free or vegan, we have included many of these types of recipes. These emphases are also consistent with the MPN™ program's principle, "eat more plant foods and fewer animal foods."

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