MPN™ Herbed Deviled Eggs GF[1]                  Servings: 12 (1/2 egg)

 Prep Time: 15 minutes

6 Omega 3 Eggs, cooled, peeled 

2-3 TBsps Canola oil based Mayonnaise

1 TBsp Sweet Pickle Relish

½ tsp Red Dulse flakes (or green kelp powder)

½ tsp Onion Powder

½ tsp Mustard Powder

¼ tsp Dill Weed

¼ tsp Black Pepper, freshly ground

¼ tsp Hungarian Sweet Paprika

¼ tsp No-salt green herbs & spices mixture e.g. 21 Seasoning Salute (Trader Joe’s)

Optional: ¼ tsp chili or curry powder.


1.    Cut the cooked eggs lengthwise.  Remove yolks and place in a bowl.
2.    Mash with a fork.
3.    Add 2 TBsp of the mayonnaise, the relish, spices and dulse flakes. Blend with an electric hand mixer until smooth, adding the extra TBsp of mayonnaise if needed for a nice, smooth consistency.
4.    Add pepper to taste and then mound the filling into the egg whites or use a pastry bag for a fancier look.
5.    Garnish with paprika and no-salt green spice mix.

Source:  Memory Preservation Nutrition® Chef’s Cookbook ©2013   HealthCare Insights, LLC and Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D.

©2016    write us with comments at

[1] Adapted from traditional recipes by Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D. following Memory Preservation Nutrition® program.

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