MPN™ Gala Vegetable-Nut Paté – A Brain Healthy Recipe[1]

YIELD:  50 – 100 Servings


 INGREDIENTS:                                                                                   AMOUNT:

Pecans, raw 1 cup
Walnuts, raw 1 cup
Sunflower seeds, raw 1 cup
Onions, chopped ¾ cup
Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute or other  no salt mixed herbs. 2 tsp
Green kelp powder or Red Dulse Flakes ½ tsp
Water 2 1/3 cup
Cilantro, fresh, chopped ½ cup
Parsley, fresh, chopped ½ cup
Carrots, grated ½ cup
Red bell pepper, diced small ½ cup
Zucchini, grated ½ cup
INGREDIENTS FOR SERVING: (Or spread on whole grain crackers)  
Bell pepper “cups” (1/2 de-seeded whole colored peppers)* 6 cups
Celery sticks 2 dozen
Zucchini slices 2 dozen
Cucumber sticks 2 dozen
Sugar snap peas and/or jicama sticks 2 dozen
Other assorted preferred crudités**  
Lettuce leaves  

  *Use red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers. Cut horizontally.

  ** Crudités are traditional French appetizers comprising sliced or whole raw  

   vegetables which are dipped in a dipping sauce (in this recipe, into nut pate).

   Crudités often include celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, cucumber & 

   zucchini slices or sticks, Jicama sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, whole sugar snap peas and asparagus spears. 



  1. Place nuts, sunflower seeds, onions, mixed seasoning, kelp powder and water in food processor, and process 25 to 30 seconds.
  2. Pour mixture into medium-sized bowl and stir in next 4 ingredients
  3. Chill 1 to 2 hours. (actually can be served immediately as it is instantly delicious)
  4. Serve in bell pepper cups on bed of lettuce surrounded by cucumber and zucchini slices, celery and jicama sticks, and any other preferred crudités.

Adapted from multiple versions of this recipe on the internet by Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D., following the Memory Preservation Nutrition® program.  One source attributes a Mrs. Gooch as the originator.
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