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Learn about 11 evidence-based brain healthy lifestyles

Memory Preservation Nutrition® and 11 Brain Healthy Lifestyles

Brain Health and Wellness Center informs people about eleven brain healthy lifestyles including Memory Preservation Nutrition.

Currently there is scientific evidence for Nutrition, Physical Exercise and 9 other lifestyles that enhance brain health.  Every year, new studies are reported that extend our knowledge about specific foods or more specific details about other healthy lifestyles including exercise.

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Evidence-based Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN™) is a unique program that pulls together hundreds of studies to create a delicious, easy to understand nutritional approach that will improve both cognitive and emotional health. At the same time, the MPN™ will help keep your body healthy too.  The Brain Health and Wellness Center will work with you and your family or organization to help you integrate brain healthy nutrition, cooking and lifestyles into daily life, or into your employees or clients lives and practices. To read more about our services.

Or contact Dr. Emerson Lombardo today to learn how we can work together.

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Red’s Best Blog

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Brain Health Blog | 0 comments

In May 2013 Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo spent some time down on Boston Fish Pier 15, Boston MA 02210 with Red’s Best, a local seafood market and fishmonger business, and was enchanted by the ambience, energy, innovations and activities.   For fun, watch our YouTube Video for Wisdom to Wellness show on Red’s Best and Fish are Brain Food…. and how to choose freshest, best fish!  (Click on “Read More” to get to link)        Just outside this small space, tons of fish and seafood are...

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Join us May 21 for “Move for Minds,” Maria Shriver’s launch with Equinox Sports Clubs to Raise $ for Women AD research

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Brain Health Blog | 0 comments

Two of us at the Brain Health and Wellness Center are participating/supporting this important effort.   CC Donelan, Director of Education will be present at the Boston event to share brain healthy nutrition information with attendees and the press.  Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo is lending her complete support to the concept and opportunity to show how important brain healthy lifestyles are to preserving our minds! Read the complete story and see all the celebs present at the Boston site or others around the...

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Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Brain Health Blog, More | 0 comments

Exciting News!  BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS: Menus and Recipes Volume 1 is hot off the press and ready for distribution. SHOP NOW BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS: Menus and Recipes is a beginning guide to DELICIOUS! brain foods, starting with a complete week’s menus and recipes. BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS: Menus and Recipes has the essentials of a cookbook plus much more. A menu overview for meals and snacks for 7 days The delicious recipes range from breakfast foods through scrumptious dinners A bonus feature of our brain healthy...

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Alzheimer’s NIH Research Dollars Increased by 60% Signed into LAW 12-18-2015

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Brain Health Blog, More | 0 comments

Those of us in the Alzheimer’s world are celebrating.  At long last we will have nearly a billion dollars in annual research funding to help slow and prevent this disease. This was accomplished by the superb leadership of the Alzheimer’s Association and a coalition of several organizations and thousands of individuals who let our Congress people know we need this to prevent bankruptcy of our health care system  in addition to of course supporting the struggles of so many people dealing with...

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New Scientific Proof that Nutrition and Exercise Slow Alzheimer’s Pathology

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Brain Health Blog, More | 0 comments

The AAIC2015 research conference sponsored by the national Alzheimer’s Association in late July this year offered some dramatic new proof that brain healthy nutrition and other lifestyles not only reduce risk of AD and cognitive decline but can slow progression in early AD and MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment). TO DATE NO DRUG CAN DO THIS.    Exciting Research Results from AAIC    2015: Nutrition and Exercise Part 1: NUTRITION  SLOWS PROGRESSION The most exciting study was an Australian 3 year cohort...

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