Exciting Brain Healthy Diet News from AAIC2017 London

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4 Epidemiological (population-based) studies add further proof that what we eat matters for preserving our brains and lowering risk of Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline.    The “Prudent” Nordic Diet appears better than the MIND, Mediterranean or DASH diets in lowering risk of cognitive decline in 2,200 elderly Swedes. (read more) Heart Healthy Diet is also Brain Healthy: Results of Health and Retirement Study show eating foods typical of both Mediterranean and MIND diets appear to lower risk...

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Healthy Nordic Diet Better than Mediterranean for Brain Health

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Healthy Nordic Diet Protects Brain Health Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that – in a group of more than 2,200 older adults – people sticking to a Healthy Nordic Diet (including non-root vegetables, certain fruits, fish and poultry, canola oil and wine) enjoyed better cognitive status than individuals who ate a less healthy diet. Weili Xu, M.D., Ph.D., at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and colleagues sought to identify dietary habits associated with preserved cognitive...

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Alzheimer’s Disease International meeting April 2017 in Kyoto Japan

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Here are a few photos of my friends and colleagues.  We are all touched by Alzheimer’s disease across the...

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Today’s diners prefer healthier, sustainable foods

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Diners Prefer Meals That Are Healthier and Better for the Environment Sustainability takes on greater cultural weight, new report finds; diners’ preferences for healthy and sustainable food linked to opportunities for restaurants and food service operators BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON — Consumer-driven demand for higher-quality food and beverage experiences is now diffusing from supermarket aisles into a broader range of restaurant formats and food service settings.Food culture and...

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Watch Alzheimer’s Research Forum Superb Webinar on Neuroinflammation – Still Available On-Line

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Yesterday, on 12 – 12 – 12 at 12 noon, the Alzheimer’s Research Forum presented a superb webinar on Neuro-inflammation.  It featured a presentation by Switzerland’s  Irene Knuesel summarizing what the organizers called “watershed research” by  Dimitrije Krstic and Irene Knuesel using a chronic inflammation/aging mouse model of late onset “sporadic” Alzheimer’s disease which debuted at last summer’s Alzheimer’s Association’s International Research...

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Boston Area Chefs Feature “Food for Thought” September 21-28, 2012

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The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association have enlisted some area celebrity chefs to help raise awareness starting today World Alzheimer’s Day by featuring special appetizers in their restaurants.    For a description of the event see alz.org/manh    For this event a fun video was created around a photo shoot of all the Chef’s.     Very entertaining!     Also links to more brain foods videos. Here is a list of the chefs and restaurants. The lineup (left...

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In The News

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Watch Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo on Chronicle.  First Aired November 18th 2011 and re aired on March 20th 2012  

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